An office assistance company from BOOKKEEPING  to cleaning

We are QuickBooks Certified and have over 10 years of experience with online and desktop, enterprise, contractors, accountant editions and more.  We can keep your books on our servers, access your cloud/server remotely, or remote log-in through LogMeIn services if preferred.  Each Client's needs are assessed and on site or remote support is given where required to fully support your business.

Keep in mind, the more often you use us, the better your hourly rate gets!  We guarantee you won't get better service for less anywhere else!
Pricing you see listed below are sample estimates - each job is priced based on what exactly is needed and how  long the project will last.  Call or e-mail for a quote!

Payment is due at time of service unless terms otherwise negotiated. 
Referrals - one hour free service for each referral that you send to us.

Service                                       Price                 Method of Pricing                           
Hourly Admin                             TBD                  Per hour cost for most services varies depending on job specifics & length of   

                                                                            project - discounts given for repeat work and large jobs.
Copying/Printing/Etc                  TBD                 Cost plus = Minimum one hour charge plus reimbursement with receipt for all material

Frequent/regular jobs                TBD                  Discounts available for weekly/monthly/etc. frequent jobs - negotiated per job.